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IYOO has various ways of making money,
some are listed below

Tip System
Point System

Live Streaming

Creators can create free or paid live streams, receive tips and inertact with their fans. Live streams may be free for all, free for paying subscribers, or all will have to pay to access.


Creators can sell digital products like downloadable products, images, packages, videos...In addition to Custom content such as Custom videos, video call, gretting messages, etc.

Stories & Like posts

Creators can create instagram style stories with videos, images or just text which will last for 24h. Users will be able to comment or publications in real time.

Send Tips

Users can send tips during the live broadcast, also give likes. Users will be able to load their wallets to use in subscriptions, tips, among others.


Create content

**Why IYOO?**.
**Innovation Redefined**: IYOO is much more than a social media platform. It's a space where innovation meets authenticity, where creators push the boundaries of their creativity.
**Limitless Monetization**: We understand the importance of your work. This is why IYOO offers a plethora of monetization opportunities for every creator. Turn your passion into income, while doing what you love.
**Cultural Connectivity**: Explore Africa's cultural diversity within a global community. Build strong connections with a passionate audience who truly appreciates your art and talent. Join us on IYOO and be part of a cultural revolution where your talent is celebrated, your voice is amplified, and your dreams are realized. Africa inspires the world, and on IYOO, your inspiration can change lives.

Monetizing African Creativity

**Creative Freedom**: Express yourself freely. Whether you`re an artist, writer, musician or content creator. IYOO gives you the perfect canvas to bring your boldest ideas to life.
**Authentic Engagement**: Real connections are born form authenticity. On IYOO, creators and their audiences come together in a space where interactions are sincere honest and meaningful.
**Powerful Resources**: Cutting-edge tools to boost your creativity. Whether you are looking for collabrations, educational resources or financial support, IYOO is your partner on your creativity journey.
**Inspiring. Create. Prosper. IYOO.**
IYOO Talents, where dreams come to life !


Creators Earnings Simulator

Calculate how much you can earn based on the number of followers and their rate

You could earn an estimated $200.00 USD per month*

* Based on an estimate of 5% of your followers who subscribe (Does not include payment processor fees)

* Includes the 20% platform fee