Welcome to IYOO - The Platform of African Creators

Our history

At IYOO, we are much more than a content monetization platform. We are a collective of young African talents, united by a common passion for Africa and determined to create exceptional opportunities for content creators on the continent. Our story begins with the vision of giving voice to the diversity, creativity and genius that characterize Africa in all its splendor.

Our mission

**Unleashing African Creativity**: IYOO aims to eliminate traditional barriers that have limited the growth of content creators in Africa. We focus on leveraging talent regardless of view count or advertising dependence.

**Financial Autonomy for Creators**: We believe that creators should be rewarded directly by their community. With IYOO, creators can monetize their content by receiving subscriptions from their most loyal supporters, ensuring a stable and sustainable source of income.

**Building an Engaged Community**: IYOO is not limited to a monetization platform. We are building a vibrant community where fans of African content can connect, discover new talent and support their favorite creators.

IYOO is much more than just a monetization platform. We are the catalyst for African creative expression. Our mission is to provide African content creators with a platform where they can thrive, connect with their audience and be rewarded for their talent, without relying on mere view counts or intrusive ads.


Fair Monetization: Unlike traditional platforms, IYOO is not based solely on the number of views. We believe in fair compensation for talent and creativity.

Community Connectivity: IYOO is not only a place to share content, it is also a thriving community. Connect with other creators, share ideas, and grow your audience.

Celebrated Diversity: Africa is rich in diversity, and IYOO is the stage where every voice has a place. Let us celebrate together the cultural and creative wealth of our continent.

How it works?

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Join us on this Adventure

Whether you are here to share your passion, learn something new or simply support African creators, we invite you to join the IYOO community. Together we are shaping the future of content creation in Africa.

Welcome to IYOO, where every creation counts, where every creator thrives.